Friday, 31 August 2012

My friend Joyce

 Above is the card I made my very good friend Joyce, we have been friends for 54 yrs and when we where young (cough cough ) this was us. The fair one is Joyce and the dark one me, wish there had been a dark haired girl with the jeans but unfortunately not, as that is how we dressed a lot. Can you remember girls when we used to roll our jeans up to look trendy and loved listening to the records on the juke box. Those where the days, not a care in the world
Deb asked me to make her a card as a thank you for the chap who did there wedding album and this is what I came up with. I am so pleased she liked it, as you will of gathered it is my eldest Son Simon and his new wife Deb. I really hope he will be happy this time


  1. great Cards !!! young - what is that.....all the creaks and groans in the morning - and that is just me getting out of bed.

  2. lovely cards Dot. the second one for your son's photographer is so clever - so appropriate!

  3. Fabulous cards Dot. I love the retro feel of the first card, imagine though, 54 years of friendship, now that is special.
    What a brilliant way to say Thank You for the second card.

  4. Both stunning cards and very personal, too - special gifts for the people you love. You're so good at that, Dot x