Thursday, 17 May 2012

Smurfing birthday

My great neice is 6 on Friday and smurf mad so come up with this, hope she likes it. Got the images from the smurf site off the colouring page and printed them out and coloured them. Hope it brings a smile to her face, think it will as put her name on and she loves that . Made the bunting myself, well lets face it not hard is it

Monday, 14 May 2012

Don't faint

Thought it was time I made a post, I just have not been able to consentrate latley. Anyhow the above and below pages I have done for Janice's deco, her theme is vintage, was quite pleased with them, it makes a change I am usually not happy with what I do

 Below is the birthday card I made for my Aunty, bless she was 83 the other day and she loves vintage. I got my cousin to bring her through a couple of weeks ago and filled her a couple of boxes of stuff as she likes to make cards too. Anyhow she went home very happy with lots of new goodies and has let me know she is enjoying using them, she is one lovely lady