Sunday, 30 October 2011

This and that

 I had some flowers sent that had a clock face, just loved them, the only thing is there are about 4 in the packet as it is a mixed lot. So the above is my version, I am sure most of us have a clock face stamp and a flower punch, this is the result. I cut down the petals a bit more so I could shape them better and will do the edges with ink but I don't think the look too bad
 Above is my go at making my own ruler tissue paper as I think it quite pricey for what it is. I stuck a piece of tissue on a A4 sheet of double sided sticky, then stamped all over with my ruler stamps. Know I have some creases but not bothered as it is my first go. Below is some I have coloured with distress ink, tea dye I used. It will do for me
 Below again is my latest Christmas card. I stamped this image a couple of years ago and never used it and for some reason it kept jumping in my face as if to say, colour me, colour me you might like me,,,,,,,,. Well I do she has a lovely face and am sure gonna do some more, hope you like her

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It is nearly Christmas

 Thought I better get cracking, don't want to be stressed like last year. The stamp above is Sugar Nellie, just love this little boy, coloured with pro markers and cut on my new Caliber I got off hubby for our Anniversary
I love the background paper I have used it looks as if it has snowed on it.
 Above the snowman who could not love him, background paper I used is from a scrapbook paper album I bought cheep last year. Only paid £3 for it, I bet the vender wished she had kept it as apparently it is the 30th Anniversary next year and they reckon there will be snowmen everywhere I am pleased I have got my stamps.
Below another snowman and the holly in the top corner looks as if it is on acetate when you heat is with your heat gun you can shape it as it softens, think it is quite cool

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Steam punk

 My version of Steam-punk. The stamps are by Kan-ban and I just loved them when I saw them, not normally my type so don't know why I took such a shine to them. The background papers are from there too. The flowers I got of one of my friends in the USA and the cogs were cut with my sizzix die. I do like the images on the top card best but the one on the card below is quite nice too. I cut the bottom card with my big dies made by Spell binder. Love these would like another couple but will have to save up first

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Halloween cards

Not something I normally make, but have the dies and stamps and seemed a shame not to use them. The card above have done some recycling the cat and background are TH dies but the witch is off a Halloween sweet from last year, just thought they were too good to through in the bin

 This spider and witches hat have only had about 3 years and the first time I have used  them. I love the verse it is off a Elusive images plate
 This witch I got of my friend Darlene in Canada and the crows are on the same plate, just love fantasy stamps
 The pumpkin and the wicked stamp were with the witch too. Below Darlene sent me the skeleton ribbon two, which was white a bit bright I thought so coloured it with a pro marker and was really pleased the colour did not run into the skeleton
 Below my last one the image of the cat on the fence is again off the Elusive image plate and the witch again is the same as above. Hope whoever gets them will like them as over here a lot of people do not do Halloween

Monday, 10 October 2011

Grandsons Birthday card

Well I can't believe Ethan is 13 tomorrow, does not seem five minutes since he was born. Had not a clue what to make him, at that awkward age now. He is always watching Sponge Bob so thought will go with that. Now he is either going to love or hate this card, will find out tomorrow. The photo is him when he was very young and used to go into raptures when he saw a fresh cream sponge cake, I used to get one every week as just loved to see his face when I brought it to the table, he used to shake with excitement and swear down he would of ate the full cake if I let him

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Making beads

 This was my first time on my own at making beads, when I had the chest infection my Doc put me on steroids to try and get rid of it. Well I could not sleep was waking up at 3 am, was so fed up got up and decided to have a go at making theses beads. As you can see they did not work out. To make a long story short, the oven set on fire and this was my charred remains. Would not care I was dead chuffed as some of them were lovely. So nearly killed me and Hubby with the fumes, sheesh they were terrible, flung oven it the bin and had too buy another one. Anyhow if you look below, you will see my next effort was a lot better
 Below again is what I made with my beads , did add some bought beads but was quite chuffed at how they turned out. Anyhow now I know what I am doing, hopefully won't have any more mishaps like this. As my friend Sylvia said it could only happen to me. Say no more

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Autumn colours

 I know the card above is not stamped but just love the colours of Autumn on these cards, they are printed off a Debbie Moore CD called colours of Autumn ( would you of guessed)
This one above I don't know who the image is by, Hazel will of told me as I got it off her in a image mingle swap but useless me has forgot. The background stamps I got off my SOTH Darlene, they are very handy stamps will come in for lots of things