Thursday, 6 October 2011

Making beads

 This was my first time on my own at making beads, when I had the chest infection my Doc put me on steroids to try and get rid of it. Well I could not sleep was waking up at 3 am, was so fed up got up and decided to have a go at making theses beads. As you can see they did not work out. To make a long story short, the oven set on fire and this was my charred remains. Would not care I was dead chuffed as some of them were lovely. So nearly killed me and Hubby with the fumes, sheesh they were terrible, flung oven it the bin and had too buy another one. Anyhow if you look below, you will see my next effort was a lot better
 Below again is what I made with my beads , did add some bought beads but was quite chuffed at how they turned out. Anyhow now I know what I am doing, hopefully won't have any more mishaps like this. As my friend Sylvia said it could only happen to me. Say no more


  1. Well the end result is fab and I love the beads but what a way to get there. You really are a right one!!! The fumes certainly wouldn't do your chest any good so make sure you take care in future.
    Love jo x

  2. Hi Dot
    What a great sense of satisfaction at making your own beads.
    The jewellery is so beautiful.

  3. They look really pretty, Dot. Can't help giggling at you nearly setting the house on fire, though, he, he. Good to see all's well that ends well xxx

  4. Well although it's not the normal route to producing perfect beads, these look so worth the effort. They are beautiful. Hoping you are well enough to travel to Port Sunny. If so, I'm looking forward to seeing you. Wouldn't be the same if you're not there :) Pxx

  5. eek Dot - what we go through for our art hey? I must admit I did smile at you setting the oven on fire - was that in the middle of the night too? You have got a great result!

  6. Yep, Sylvia's right, it could only happen to you! Okay, me too. lol

    I love your finished beads, Dot. They look stunning in black and white. Definitely worth all the trauma.

    Chris x

  7. Fabulous beads Dot and your jewellery is beautiful.
    xxx Hazel.

  8. Beautiful work, Dot. You are making some lovely jewellery, love from Anne C.xx

  9. Well Dot, you got there in the end. Can remember you telling the story of the oven being dumped. You have done a great job with the beads now - guess what? I am making somewhere between 45 and 60 inchies in clay - for Thursday! Loads of other things to do as well - just hope my experiment works - will tell you if it does.