Wednesday, 21 May 2014

More deco pages

Have made these for Anne in our Deco swap that we do each year on Katyscorner, blimey our group was 13 the other day. It changed my life joining this group, I have made so many friends and met a lot of them. Thanks Cath for making it all possible.
Anne's theme is black and white, must say does not look B and W by scans, it is amazing how many shades of white there are. Anyhow hope she likes them, don't know if she has got them yet, so those who know her please don't say anything

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Long time away for me

Hello, it is that long since I have been on here I have forgotten how to do it, I hope this comes out ok. 

Well my friend Darlene and I decided to do a alphabet swap between us, so this is the first 4 pages. I did A and C and Darlene did B and D. I hope you like them

I won't go into detail and bore you all but we have had a lousy year and a half, so I am hoping now things are settling and I can star relaxing again. Hope you enjoy looking at my post