Saturday, 18 August 2012

Birthday and wedding

 It was one of my friends birthday the other week and made her the above card, she likes Betty Boop so had to include her and seeing she was at the seaside used the stamp from a 100 percent ( think that is there name). I really like this stamp, sorry Cath know you got her first but could not resist
My eldest Son got married again the other week and this is the card I made them, I don't know why but I always struggle with wedding cards. Anyway they liked it and that is all that matters. I hope he will be really happy, I like Deb. The stamps I used for this one are from Dimension
Sorry Folks not good at the writing part but before I go I hope you are all enjoying the sun, been really warm here in the North East which is quite unusual. I am not complaining I love the sun, it cheers you up


  1. 2 very different styles and you rock both Dot :) The elegant wedding card is gorgeous - I don't think you have a problem with them at all haha And I adore the quirkiness of the birthday card, I can see why you wanted that stamp :) Pxx

  2. ooh Dot - what a stunning pair of cards and both so different. the weather's been really hot and humid here too. Hope it lasts for a while. summer has been missing this year.

  3. Both beautiful cards Dot. Love them, x

  4. Lovely cards both of them - would not think you had struggled with the wedding one.
    Loving that Betty Boop - she is a great character isn't she.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  5. Hi Dot,
    Two very special cards for special occasions and they are both fab despite your reservations over the wedding one. Congratulations to your son and I hope he and his new wife will be very happy together.
    Make sure you put your name in for my blog candy and also your lap dancer name... it tells you what to do on the post.
    Lots of love Jo x

  6. H'mm, I did spot 'em - that's another of the stamps I'm cutting out right now, ready for more pages... but you'll have to wait and see what it's gonna be. The ones I started took on a life of their own and became something else - I think I like them, though, he, he x