Monday, 6 September 2010

Blog award

I got a blog award off Helen, thank you Helen. I hope I am doing this right as I am thick at these things.
What you have to do is thank the person who sent you it, done, upload a favourite picture. Love this picture it is my Daughter Sue with her eldest brother on her 40th birthday. Love it as it is rare that you can get a photo of her looking happy and this one is great.
Now I think I have to give this award to 5 people so here goes. Cath, Jo, Neet, Susie and Mary. Now you take the award from my blog, hopefully it will be at the side if I have done it right and do what I have done above


  1. Thanks so much Dot for choosing me to pass it on to. I'll have to look through my pics!
    Jo x

  2. Well, Hun - thank you so much - is it the one with the cherry on?