Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A bit of fun

No stamping I am afraid, but this was fun. I made this for some friends hopefully to give them a laugh. I think it did. Jo had kindly sent me instructions to make a flag card, so this was my version I sent back to them, above is the front cover, below is the pages for her Hubby
Below is the pages for her am afraid I made it quickly and should of done some more work on it
Sorry Jo but just wanted to get it too them

Below again are 2 cards I made from the PC sorry no stamping again but just fancied a change. I don't think they turned out to bad. Anyhow hope one or two of you like them


  1. Hey, just because you're not stamping doesn't mean you're not being creative - you certainly are! Fab cards, Dot - lovely idea and I know it made them giggle, so it did the trick.

  2. It is fabulous Dot and really gave us a laugh (and all our visitors who have seen it too). Thanks so much for thinking of us. I keep having another look and you can see why!!
    Love Jo x

  3. Dot, they're brill. You'll put Dave back into hospital with a book like that, lol, x

  4. Still incredibly creative even though there is no stamping. Like the odd bit of non-stamping work myself now and never thought I would say that!!! Lynne M x

  5. I know how much Jo and Dave enjoyed the book - it is great! Love the cards below. Need to get in touch with you regarding them. Fab!