Sunday, 19 September 2010

Birthday cards

The one above is for Jamie, she is 14, think they get harder too make for as they get older. Well I chose to use sugar Nellie stamps, just hope she likes it.
The two below I made from images I already had done, I am getting a real liking for these easel cards. Love this little girl she is from paperbag studios, forgot to say I used the free flower stamp off Craft Stamper, stamped 2 and sort of intertwined them, I quite like the look of that better than a one flat flower. Must admit forgot where the teddy stamp is from. What's new. I am hopeless, anyhow hope you like my efforts


  1. Great easel cards Dot, I'm sure Jamie will love hers.
    xxx Hazel.

  2. Beautiful cards (as always) Dot. Love the one you have done for Jamie and the one that is predominantly blue looks amazing. Great image.

  3. Jamie will love her card, it's just right for a 14 year old. Your other cards are lovely too, especially the PBS one as that is one of my all time faves.

  4. Love the cards Dot, beautiful RESULTS not efforts!!
    I'm sure the birthday 14 year old will love her card.
    Love Jo x

  5. there is no doubt she will love her card

    great job