Thursday, 12 January 2012

Happy New year even though it is late

 Well if you wonder why I have not been on, you can see by the pictures why............ Like a fool decided to revamp my craft room. By did it need it, above is my desk before and below after, even though it still does not look pristine at least now I have room to work, before I was on about a 6" space
 Below is part of my old storage, for my Birthday i always ask everyone for money and I decided to by new storage for my stamps and card
 I did hope I would not need anything on the floor anymore, but what a fool I was, even though I have got rid of loads of stuff I still have not got room for everything, still have bags in the front room need sorting but I am so tired I am now having a break. Below are my new units, they are for kids toys got them at Ikea, I love them but still not enough. Got 6 units and there are 36 draws 17 have stamps in one with inks and the rest have card ribbons bellies and all sorts in think I could fill another 18 easily. Anyhow hopefully now I will be able to get back to a bit of creating. Thanks for looking. Wonder how long it will stay tidy he he
Those units in the middle are some of my old ones, have had too keep some


  1. the chaos of the crafter Dot! lol love those new storage units though - don't they look fab?

  2. How I feel for you! I'm going through this myself as you know. The only comfort I can give is that it gets worse before it gets better, in that you have to pull everything out before you can put it back. I've come to a total screeching halt - we're having to have new radiators (they were coming Monday and now it's next Wednesday) so have had to jam everything away wherever I can put it out the way... so I'm pretty much back to Square One again!

    Have a rest, then get back to it. Spring is coming and you'll definitely feel like steaming through it all when the weather is better.

  3. Well done and what a transformation. I must admit though that I liked the before pics too! Look forward to seeing you post some cards soon and great to have a post from you.
    Lots of love Jo x

  4. ah I feel your pain as I also just moved rooms in our house for more space !!!! Like the new drawers you have !!

  5. H'mm, the before pics look a bit like mine - ooer! Always terrible after Christmas - still haven't put my stamps away, although they're all ready to go now. Looks great, Dot. I have a couple of those units and use one for ums, the other for ribbons and trims - not enough room for more! You've obviously worked really hard and it's paid off. Well done, you!!! xxx

  6. wow some work gone in there hun but looks fab love the storage idea bet they hold a fair bit too enjoy your new room hun hugs jayne xxx