Monday, 21 November 2011

Squeezie cards

 Thought I would do something different this year for the family, so have made them all squeezie cards, well that is what they call them. I know they aren't stamped but they are a bit different.
 Stamping may of been easier, as there are 6 layers to each card and they all have to be straight ( say's she who couldn't do straight to save her life ) but they supposed to lay flat in the envy. We will see
 Did the adults Robins and the kids Santa's, below is a side view so you can see the layers
 Finally below is a tunnel card, I just love these wolves. It is a Peerless design, did you know the lady paints all the pictures on her CD's wish I was that clever


  1. Lovely cards, Dot and lovely ideas. Haven't made a tunnel card in some while. The squeeze card looks good but a bit too much work for me, lol - all that cutting! You're amazing. Those wolves are wonderful, too, I agree with you.Mandy would have liked them - she loved wolves, didn't she? Lovely change for the family x

  2. Fab cards Dot. Esp love those white wolves. Such a beautiful image.

    Anyhoo. Thx for your kind comment on my blog :) You asked for a tutorial on the fringe flowers. I found the idea here...

    However, I didn't use or need a die. You can cut any thin strip of fabric or even use ribbon. I used a pva glue to keep in place when folded in half (you could sew it too) Then a thin line of glue along the bottom before rolling up. You could also use double sided tape.

    There's a video and better demonstration at this web too (lot more photos as well)

    Hope this helps. Paul x

  3. Fabulous cards, Dot. Must have taken ages to cut and assemble those squeezie cards.

    Love the wolf card, too. Wonderful artwork.

  4. Dot
    Never heard of squeezie cards before.
    Such a lot of work but well worth it.
    Does it matter that there is no stamping, I say what matters is the time and love but into their creation.
    Fabulous work.

  5. Brilliant cards Dot, such different ideas too. May just have to pinch them, x

  6. Wow Dot! Your sqeeze cards are fabulous.
    xxx Hazel.

  7. Those cards are something else. Truly fabulous! Hugs, Neet x