Friday, 11 November 2011

No stamping today

 Apart from the greetings.Above and below is Happy Birthday to my Sis Joan, I did not know which one to give her so she is getting both. These are the cards she loves so you have to aim to please. The above is a Debbie Moor design and below is a my Craft Studio. This one below is based on the 60's and the girl just reminds me of my Sis and the man with his leathers is like one of the boys she used to know. So as it says Memories..............................
 Below is Suzies boyfriend Davids card, yes it is his birthday today too and am hoping this will give him a laugh, another my Craft studio. For those who don't know you get a brill grafics program  with there cd's


  1. Cardmaking at its very best, when made with the person in mind and brings back memories or makes them smile.
    Your sister is definitely going to be taking a trip down memory lane, isn't she. Wonder what happened to the guy she knew?

  2. great cards Dot - can't beleive how busy you are these dayz !!!


  3. lovely cards Dot. like the cool biker dude and what a fab dress that first one's wearing.

  4. Hope you're standing in a corner, facing the wall - no stamps! Shame on you, he, he. Only joking, of course - lovely cards, Dot. I bet your sis will be chuffed to bits and that's what counts x

  5. Great cards, especially the top one (very elegant) and I'm sure she'll love them both. Fab!

  6. Three great cards Dot, I especially like the Art Deco shape on the top one. Lucky Joan is all I can say, two cards for one birthday. Hugs, Neet x