Friday, 18 November 2011

Quick CCards

 Above and below same stamp one B/W and one coloured, don't know which one I like the best. The stamp is a Elusive images, love the image
 Below is another image from the same plate, well the deer is, the tree is a brush strokes Penny Black. Very Quick card and flat for the post. I feel mean but am trying to do some cards that will go though the 5mil slot, as I post quite a lot of cards at Christmas and the stamps are getting ridiculousness 


  1. Hi Dot... my fave is the first one, the black and white. It is so stylish and works so well.
    Thanks for your comment and Yes!! my desk is still clean. A few things on there now but I did make a whole stash of cards yesterday for my DD's craft sale. The stainless steel is great to work on and doesn't feel cold as I expected it to.
    Love Jo x

  2. You're right, Dot - lovely stamp and lovely cards and I love both - coloured and b & w. Love the third, too. Not mean at all to think about postage - it gets really expensive if you have to use Large letter stamps and it's bad enough for standard first and second now! Great ideas, there and a lovely stamp plate. Cath x

  3. Dot
    Postage has to be taken into consideration, I certainly am this year. If a card is hand delivered or sent with a present then happy enough to add bulk but this year a big change in my cardmaking style.
    An image with lots of impact.

  4. All great cards, Dot although my favourite is the first one - black and white always looks so classy.

    Helen x

  5. These cards are great, Dot. I love a deer on a card at Christmas, and these are super, Love Anne xx

  6. Beautiful cards Dot. Love the B/W one best, x

  7. Fabulous cards Dot, I love the black and white one.
    xxx Hazel.

  8. You are quite right about postage getting ridiculous. They should reduce the cost for a short while at Christmas time so that old folks won't get forgotten as I am sure some who are on their own look forward to a card dropping in.
    Sorry, got on y high horse a bit - lovely cards Dot, I do like the one you painted in on the tree.