Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My V W and X book pages

Well as you know I like to be different so here is my V page, Vulcher love this stamp you can put some right quirky sayings with it. The company it is from closed down I am sure
 W for Wolf isn't this stamp gorgeous, I got it off Aunty Mary for my Birthday, I think it is Onyx Expressions as it is black rubber. Must admit it took no colouring it is so fab and I went mad and did a shrink plastic wolf head am always scared of shrink don't know why it was quite easy
 X well what can I say, what can you do for X could only think of Xmas, anyhow came up with this, just hope it passes the census if not Chris will have to send it back to me. I don't mind cos I like it


  1. Dot
    How fabulous.
    The V - pure fun!!!
    The W- is the art I associate with you. BTW that wolf stamp is really amazing and the shrink plastic, great embellishments.
    The X - you naughty thing!!!!!!

  2. Three great pages, Dot but that one for X just made me laugh out loud - literally!! Love it!!

    Helen x

  3. Oh Dot - only you could come up with "X-rated" - I think it is pure genius - love it! The wolf stamp is gorgeous - I love Cheryl's stamps but haven't bought any for a while and the shrink plastic is terrific. But ... the vultures - I love 'em. What a fabulous stamp and how great in the way you have used it.
    Three fab pages Dot!
    Hugs, Neet x

  4. Dot, your pages are brilliant. I love the vultures and the wolves but the X-rated is my favorite, it does go to show that GREAT MINDS do think alike.
    xxx Hazel.

  5. I'm so sick I didn't take part in this, Dot. Your pages are superb. Love the vultures and the wolves are amazing. Great idea for X, too. Brilliant work - lovely to see you being so creative. x