Monday, 18 April 2011

Deco pages and Loom work

 I have even had a go on my loom, only had it about 7yrs and it has just come out the box. I am stuck now as it does not tell you how to finish off so am thinking about how to do it. Oh and by the way guess who started at the wrong end..........................................

Well some of you asked to see more of my deco book, so have added the pages I have received, photo's not brill but will give you the gist of it. You may remember I told you I boobed on the size of my pages ( what's new) but being the first time I have made one of these books was making sure they would not be too small. Anyhow I have made the extra work for me and put the persons name on of who made the pages, so hopefully now does not look odd. I have edged all the pages with my gold Krylon pen
the above page is one of mine, I always put mine on the 1st and last pages, so I can put the other players on together, if you know what I mean
Above Anne P
Above Hazel H


  1. That's looking really good Dot. I can see it IRL next week when I pop over, x

  2. The book is looking realy good and as for the loom, I am so impressed.

  3. Your book looks fabulous Dot. I haven't thought about mine yet.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. The book is looking good Dot, and I can't get over what you have created on your loom - not a clue how to finish off - not even got a clue how to start, do the middle or anything. Good Luck with it.