Saturday, 16 April 2011

My deco book

I am so chuffed I have made my deco book from the one Susie Jefferson had in Craft Stamper. Not perfect but am pleased as my first go, got the page sizes wrong but what do you expect from me. I have manage to sort them out though so I did not have to start again and not dead straight but those that know me know I can't do straight. Anyhow hope some of you like it

My theme is black red and gold Asian but unfortunately I did not have a piece of washi big enough for the front and back cover, so used this fab piece I got off my friend Darlene


  1. You certainly don't need to make excuses or explain your book...doesn't matter how you got there..... it's FAB-U-LOUS! Dot you make such lovely stuff!
    Hugs Jo xxx

  2. Looks like an awesome job !!!

  3. Looks good, Dot and I bet it's so much nicer IRL. Who cares if it's not straight as long as it opens and shuts, lol? Lovely theme.

  4. This is fabulous, Dot and will look wonderful when you have all your completed pages in it.

  5. that looks fab Dot. I'd like to see more photos. as everyone else says - who cares if it's not straight? it doesn't always have to be.

  6. WOW Dot, this is brill. Nothing wrong with the finished article, love it, x

  7. Dot,
    This is amazing especially for your first go.
    That article is one of my favourites in this issue.
    Can we get some more photos please.

  8. Fantastic Dot. I am so happy that you used my stamp design on the cover too.
    Who cares about straight. LOL

  9. Clever Girl - must look this up in Craft Stamper as I love books. I have that image - is it from Art Journey? I don't use mine enough - thinking about it bet I could use my technique for colouring that you showed me.