Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A little experiment

Not a brill picture sorry, as too late for my camera so had to scan, just been experimenting stamping on leather, never done it before so don't know if I have done it right or not. Have stamped something else which I like better but not finished it yet and my bed is calling , so will have to wait till tomorrow. Anyhow the main stamp is from I brake for stamps and I believe he is a spirit man, looks like a crow or maybe a Eagle not sure but I liked it, something different, the border at the bottom is the leather and have stitched some beads on. Enough rambling will leave it there and hope some of you like it


  1. I love it Dot. You gotta try these things, x

  2. Looks good, Dotpat. I stamp on leather now and then, and as long as you use a permanant ink like Stazon, etc will stay fine, or at least mine have!
    Hugs, Pat