Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Alphabet chunky pages

 Well here is my latest efforts for this swap, talk about brain dead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it took me ages to think of things to do, then when I finished them thought of all sorts typical. Above we have J for Jester, the K was going to be for Kids, then this little saying popped out at me which I thought fitted pretty well, K for Keep life simple. Lastly L for Llama, well what do you expect from me
M for Marylin, of coarse N fo Nostalgia and O for Osterich, these animal stamps come in handy when you are stuck. So we have a right mucky mixture here. Something for everyone I hope


  1. Dot, a wonderful collection. Can you guess my absolute favourite - N for nostalgia, of course. Gorgeous lace, flowers and that image.
    Lynne M x

  2. These are gorgeous Dot - love Marylin but like them all so much.
    There's an award for you on my blog.

  3. Fantasic pages Dot. I do love that Llama.
    xxx Hazel

  4. Ooh, goodness, these are brilliant! SO much fun! I love the Llama (who could resist that widdle face lol lol lol) and Marylin and N for Nostalgia the best (although I like all of them). Way to go, Dot!

  5. They're all great, Dot although the llama did make me laugh!!

    Helen x

  6. Gorgeous pages, Dot. More miffed than ever now that I didn't get to take part :( Love the llama but Marilyn's brill, too, of course and the ostrich is fab.