Saturday, 11 December 2010

Woo hoo

 I have managed too get some cards done, thank goodness. Still not as many as I wanted but think I am gonna have too stop  now as need to get them in the post. The 3 little mice above are Penny Black
 The above card and the one below is a stamp I got off Darlene for my birthday and just had to have a go, I think it is lovely, he looks so majestic doesn't he, it is a Magenta stamp. I am tired now as have manage to do about 15 cards today a record for me lately


  1. The mice are cute and I love the card you made using them. The stamp from Darlene makes are wonderful Christmas card !!

  2. Love them, Dot - especially the mice on the first one!

    Helen x

  3. love both of these Dot but you are right - that stag is so elegant. Really the Master of the pack.

  4. Love the cards you've made Dot!
    Sorry but none from me and that's how it's staying as usual! Bah Humbug!!! I've just opted out of the whole thing as it always stressed me out so much trying to manage so I don't try.
    Love Jo x

  5. Lovely job on all, Dot! I agree, he is majestic! The little mice are precious!
    Hugs, Pat Smith