Monday, 20 December 2010

A little bit of sunshine

Thought I would upload this picture I took in the summer, was really chuffed with this as I am a lousy photographer normally. Though it might cheer you all up, if like me you are all sick of this weather. Lovely to look at but horrible if you have to go out in it, you might enjoy a bit of sunshine


  1. Just what I needed Dot... it's beautiful and it's lovely to see something that isn't Christmas too.
    Love Jo x

  2. Dot, that is like a breath of fresh air! I also love the dancer below. Lovely image!

    I am still limping along with a computer that will not let me in my own blog, so I can't post anything, or read any messages! Maybe someday! lol

    Do have a wonderful Christmas, and may we all have a happy and healthy New Year!
    Hugs, Pat Smith

  3. Oh I feel the warmth! As you say, the weather is lovely to look at but that is about it and I think we have looked at it enough now. Wish we could have a thaw.