Wednesday, 1 December 2010

My clay period

This is a castle I made in the days I did pottery, loved pottery, you get get rid of a load of frustration belting a lump of clay . Made lots of things but this is one of my fav's actually have two of these. The tutor asked me how they got in as he could not see a door, well told him it was hidden, which it was, but also said if they could not fly they could not go in, he he. Was just getting to the wheel when I had to leave, I did so miss it. Made a plate once with a smiley face in the centre, the tutor thought I was nuts but what's new. I said when the last sandwich was eaten the plate would smile with relief as it got rid of it's load. Well told you I was mad


  1. Dot, this is stunning. I love it.

    I didn't realise you had so many talents.

    Chris x

  2. Hi Dot. Talk about hidden talents. In awe of you as I look at this. Always (still do) have a notion of working with clay. TFS. Lynne M x

  3. I love this Dot - you never told me about this fairytale piece. I taught ceramics when I first began my teaching career so if we ever get a chance to have a potters wheel I could polish my (rusty) skills up and we could have a go. Wish we lived closer.

  4. This is stunning - I'd give it house room any day!