Sunday, 3 July 2011

Red black and gold swap and Kaitlynns toe

 Here are 3 cards I made for a Asian black red and gold swap, had to go in it as one of my fav themes. Think the image above is from About art accents, the one below is from Stonehouse stamps

 This one below I think is another AAA but could be wrong, as you know I am rubbish at remembering which is what.

This is a picture of my Granddaughter Kaitlynn's toe and the bollard   that fell on it. I am totally disgusted that this could happen, if it had fell on her middle it could of killed her. Someone told my Daughter that the council new it needed replacing. 


  1. OUCH poor Kaitlynn !!!!!

    your asian cards are great -


  2. oh OUCH Dot! I cringed when I saw that. Hope Kaitlynn's okay. Your cards take me back to another era Dot when I was immersed in Asian stamping. Gorgeous they are.

  3. Poor Kaitlynn - I hope her toe is OK, it looks awfull. Your cards are fabulous.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. Dot
    That is really nasty and I am sure she is quite a bit of pain.
    All of your cards are "so you" and so fabulous. There is a real elegance to them.

  5. OMG poor Kaitlynne.I do hope she's not in too much pain.
    Love your Oriental piccies.
    No change this end,x

  6. Love your atc's but not Kaitlynne's toe. Poor litle mite, hope that she is not in too much discomfort with it. It looks terrible.

  7. Great Oriental cards !! Love 'em. Poor toe !! Ouchie !

  8. Oh poor Kaitlynne! Her toe looks so bad. I hope it heals soon!

    First time in awhile I have been around to blog hop, and I love the cards you have made! I love the bird below! It is so funny!

    Your Asian cards are lovely. The bead work is fantastic, too! You are very talented!

    Thanks for your recent post on my blog.

  9. Great cards, Dot - all very elegant and well put together.

    That toe looks extremely painful - hope Kaitlynn is starting to recover now.

    Helen x

  10. 3 loevly cards and one very poorly toe< did you send this pic to the council.

  11. Hi Dot. I left a message a few days ago, but see it is not here, so will redo.

    Poor Kaitlynne! I hope she is starting to recover from that nasty accident!

    I love all of your cards, and love the color you used for the CS.
    Hugs, Pat

  12. Aaaww poor Kaitlyn. It looks nasty, hope she's not in too much pain.

    Beautiful cards, Dot, you do this style so well.

    Chris x