Monday, 27 June 2011

No laughing please

 Have been playing at trying to do some jewelry, above is my first attempt which I am not happy with at all, like the style but not my mix of beads.
Below is my second attempt which I like better and must admit was chuffed to make the big bobbley bead at the bottom, I am learning too thread with wire as quite like the effect
 Below is my second and third attempt on a loom, I am pleased with these but must learn how to finish them off neater, does anyone out there know how to do it please. Would love to hear from you if you do
 These 2 below are done on memory wire which really are easy to do as you just have to thread the beads on
 The two below, well one is adding charms on a chain which is not bad and do like the other one as made beaded leaves and put a piece of jade between. Sorry the photo isn't very good, the beaded bracelet is pink and lilac
 The next one below is for my Sue as she loves butterfly's so is is black glass bead triangles with butterfly beads between
 The last one below have made for a raffle as we need to raise some money for limos to give some special young adults a treat, have made this one with opal chips and opalite beads and the blue stones are semi precious but forgot what they are called, typical of me. Have put a real silver catch on and made some earnings to go with it with silver wires, just hope they think it is OK for the raffle. Whew !!!!!! that is the longest post I think I have ever done. Hope you enjoy looking


  1. You've made soe beauties there Dot. Mo does some lovely stuff at Padgate crafters and Alison CB is also a dab hand.I thought at first that you'd also ventured into crochet!
    Love Jo x

  2. I wouldn't dream of laughing, Dot as these pieces are all beautiful. You've done a fabulous job.

    Chris x

  3. Lovely, Dot - wow, Mrs Multi talented! YOu're getting WAY too good :-)

  4. Beautiful work Dot - you are very clever.
    xxx Hazel.

  5. you have been one busy girl !!! great job on all of them.