Tuesday, 10 August 2010

More from the Tall ships

Here are the kids with some of the crew, they did look smart, very polite and very handsome

These two were weird, not sure what they were supposed to be, they were on stilts and had snakes on them and were hissing all the time
This is the carving on the front of the boat that belonged to those that posed with the kids, it looked gorgeous in real life

and here is one from a distance, you could not take them all together as they were spread out and you could not get a close up as you can't get the full ship in, but hope you have enjoyed my effort of showing you a little. I have never see so many people in Hartlepool


  1. Great pics again, lovely to share and I love your 2 uniformed toyboys too!
    Jo x

  2. Brill pics Dot. Great for the local community all those visitors coming to Hartlepool, x