Saturday, 21 August 2010

Fruit fruit and more fruit

This is one of our plum trees and if you look close you can see brambles peeking through. They are Victorian plums and Delicious, the only thing is they all ripen faster than you can eat them, so there is always waste even though we give bucket fulls away
This is our small cooking apple tree, which has loads on this year, my sister will eat loads of these as she loves sour things

Pear tree, which has quite a lot on this year, the skins are not nice on these put if you peel them they are lovely, below is a close up of some plums. I know this is not stamping but just wanted to share

Victoria Plum tree


  1. I'm definitely coming to visit, lol. I love fruit - looks like a mini paradise!

  2. I love fruit, Dot, and it all looks scrumptious !!

  3. What a lovely array of goodies. I never seem to coincide my visits with when the trees are in fruit and can't even come up now as we're off in the van next Friday. You could freeze some for me mind.....

  4. Dot, this post is great! On my new blog I put our garden, a few days ago. Our pear tree died, and the apples are not really mature yet, perhaps next year. This year the apricot tree had fruit "On one side only!" & the plum tree had nothing! That is Norther California, USA, for you! lol

    Thanks for sharing your fruit!