Thursday, 15 July 2010

Selection of ATC's

Made the dragon flies the same way, they are lovely and sparkly in real life but they never show up properly when you scan them do they
Made this one for a good friend of mine, made the butterfly's from glimmer mist pages then stamped the butterflies and cut them out

Did these ATC's for a swap just could not resist these as you know what my sense of humour is like


  1. Ooh! you are naughty.... but I like it! and the butterflies!
    Jo x

  2. Love them all, Dot but that hunk is definitely a bit of all right. A far cry from your Masai Warrior, though, lol.

  3. The dragonflies and butterfly ATCs are great - love the colours. Not sure what to say about the other ATCs but I'm sure the recipients will love them!!!

    Helen x