Friday, 23 July 2010

Jigsaw challenge

This was a challenge for KC we had to make something out of 2 jigsaw pieces and seeing I was sending to my friend Mary, I printed a photo of us both on canvas, alas it would of been better on ordinary photo paper, never mind she liked it. I put a little post it note book under the letter M as I thought it would be more useful than just a hanging. covered the jigsaw with scrap book paper then stamped over it added some flowers as you can see and made Mary a Queen he he


  1. Good fun Dot and I'm sure Mary S is thrilled. Friends are so precious. You should however have a D for Dot on there too!
    Hugs Jo x

  2. Didn't realise you'd put a post it book under the M - great idea, Dot. Love the crown - bet Mary was chuffed, lol. I still love that photo and treasure it. It's a lovely memory.

  3. Lucky Mary - that is so cute.


  4. Loved this when I first saw it. Am sure it "tickled" Mary to see you both on the artwork.

  5. It looks great, Dot and I'm sure Mary must have been so pleased with it!

    Helen x