Monday, 19 April 2010


These are the pages I did for Nora's deco, as you can guess her theme is angels, I am so pleased she liked them as always worry when making for some one.
I have a few things to upload but can't till the people I have sent them too receives them as I don't want to spoil there surprise. I think my parcel to my SOTH is walking to Canada, just hope it gets there as will be so upset if it doesn't


  1. Very nice Dot. And what a surprise this morn with the new layout on the blog ! thought I was in the wrong place for a moment. Looks good.

  2. I have that angel from D'Analen - one of my favourites, too :) They're lovely, Dot - very delicate and ethereal, as they should be.

  3. Ooooh oooh niiiiiiiiiice! Beautiful pages Dot!