Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Step card sort of

Well decided I would do a small step card and as usual I just plough in without measering anything. So as I was scoring realised I had not left enough card for the top fold, anyway looked at it for a couple of days, then thought well the shape does not look too bad, so this is what I come up with. The back was alittle unsteady so put a narrow piece of card on the back to act as a stand and it worked a treat
Hope the lady I am sending too likes it


  1. Looks great - no one knows our mistakes but ourselves !!!


  2. Dot, its lovely. Mistakes are only to us, to others they are design inspirations, x

  3. I love this step card, nice unusual shape and I think it's actually better this way! I like the idea of a little stand, plus all that card at the back isn't wasted. So you actually get a bigger card where it matters. If you hadn't said, no-one would know! Fiendishly clever...

  4. I am sure she will love it. It looks fab to me. Isn't that what we stampers are all about - the experienced ones can cover mistakes one way or another.

    I would never have known it wasn't meant to be this way.