Friday, 12 March 2010

My deco pages

These are the 2 pages I have done for my deco, as you will of gathered the theme is Alice in wonderland, I really like thses stamps and have enjoyed making them


  1. Dot they're beautiful. You've put so much work into them. I really hope your book, when finished, brings you many hours of pleasure, x

  2. They are just fantastic, Dot. Alice is so popular just now with the film coming out and I'll be seeing it in 3D on Tuesday.
    Jo x

  3. great job ! and you have the Alice in Wonderland stamps !!! I just bought myself the set.

  4. Do you do your pages first or last? Im still finding my feet with them and have finished my first ever ones for Alison CB. Mine dont look anyfink like yours haha, I'm not that brave yet!
    I bought half that plate in port sunny last may and havent used them yet so was quite pleased youre in my group :D

    Papers, I only used 2, one patterned and one striped from same company. I dont mix a lot of papers as its an artform I dont possess. If you look back over my cards you'll notice I usually use one as a base and then one or two more max.
    The green sweet pea card I picked a heavy patterned paper which was black and pastel green and just used that with a matt behind it and one pink strip across. As its so heavily patterned it just did all the work for me hehe!

  5. They're great, Dot - very 'Alice'

  6. Love them, Dot - they're so well put together and look great.

    Helen x