Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Grandson Ross's birthday card

Why is it when you think something is going to be simple it turns out taking you ages, well decided I would make an action card for one of my Grandsons and this is what I ended up with, it is in three steps and actually should of had the figures the other way round but never mind learn by your mistakes as they say. The football is attached with acetate so it looks like it is in the air in real life, there is a goalie in the net but you can't see him on this picture any how just thought I would share


  1. Brilliant card, Dot and what better theme for a boy than football? Love the way you've done it!



  2. Love the card Dot. You're getting real clever in your old age, lol, x

  3. What a fantastic card Dot - just the thing for the males I know as well.

  4. The card is great, Dot. I am sure your Grandson will love it.