Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Eldest Son's card

Well have made this today, as I said before with Jasons card had to adapt this as you can only buy set words like Mum Dad Happy Birthday and so on, so what I did was a search for a alphabet I could use as template. Resized to the height I wanted and printed them off, now I can do any name I like or word. I am not brill at explaining as you know but will try. Cut your letters out then take the first letter of the word you are doing and cut a piece of card to the height of the letter. Trace round the letter, then decide how much card you want left at the side of the letter, then cut your card. trim round the front half of your letter. Next trace round your next letter and trim round the front of the letter again, then put it up to your first letter, leaving so much showing in front of the first letter. Then cut off level with your first letter, carry on doing this till you have made your word, then you are ready to decorate.
Hope you can understand all that, if you want to ask me anything feel free to email me


  1. fab Dot. perfect for my husband too! LOL

  2. Very nice Dot and a brill idea. I bet Simon will love it too.

  3. That's really superb Dot.. .is it a "Special" birthday?... the card is!!
    Jo x

  4. That's brilliant Dot. I bought a set of large alphabet templates for this purpose as I begrudge paying out for only specific words. So now I can make my own too. They are a brilliant idea. I love what you've done with yours, x

  5. Super duper card, Dot - I'm sure he'll love it :)