Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hello Bloggers

Hello Folks, sorry for being so quiet but really struggling lately. I am blaming this awfulweather we have had, just have had no get up and go. Even struggled getting my swaps done. Any how thought I would share some pages I have done for swaps. The two above were for a deco swap I was in and you had to do something you love to do, well I like lots of things but two of my fav's are African and American Indians. I am pleased to say the Lady they were for liked them

 Above and below are pages I have done for a journal swap, in this swap again you have to do things you like, so on these I chose animals as love doing those too. I also like doing sunset scenes so thought I would do the backgrounds based on a sunset, well I hope they look ok.
Will try not to leave it too long next time, will slap my hands and tell myself to get busy. That is all for today Folks


  1. love your pages Dot. beautifully coloured and the African sunset looks fab. glad you feel like creating again. the weather does make it difficult to motivate yourself doesn't it?

  2. Welcome back from one lapsed blogger to another. Love these pages Dot especially the African sunset and elephants. I have that stamp, just love it. Also love your blog background, so you.
    Take care and speak soon, xxx

  3. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather recently. Hope you're perking up with the sunny weekend :) These are fantastic creations. Love the graphic red and yellow skys and sunsets. Great to see you blogging :) Pxx

  4. Love them all but the first two are so special - you are fabulous at colouring in Dot and these showcase your talent.
    Lovely to have you back in Blogland - now don't go AWOL again, please.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  5. They're all wonderful, Dot - great work as ever but your African and American Indians are stunning. Love your sunset, too, though.

    Know how you feel... been exactly the same myself but need to make some TY cards today for my class, so am going to go upstairs soon. Trouble is, the sun is calling me and I have loads of other things to do x

  6. Wow these are great! Luv theafrican sunsets . Fab job. And welcome back to blogland!!!!

  7. Was starting to get worried 'cos was so long since your las very much what you've done

  8. Fabulous pages Dot, I love them all. I'm struggling to get things done as well, I'm managing to just about do what I need to do but I'm so far behind visiting blogs and commenting.
    xxx Hazel.