Friday, 20 May 2011

Hazels deco pages

Can upload these now as Hazel has received them and am so pleased she likes them, her theme is black and white and although you can't see it on the scan I sprayed them with iridescent spray to give them a bit of a shine. Use that new card from Crafters companion that you can sand after you have embossed it, I like it very affective

See my shrinkee's on here, been scared stiff of this for years and now wondering why it is so easy to do, I am quite enjoying playing


  1. Dot
    These are so fabulous!!!

  2. absolutely gorgeous Dot. love the stamps that you used. the triangular one particularly is an old favourite.

  3. Lovely work Dot and using some of my favourite stamps. Glad you are enjoying shrink plastic - a great medium to use.

  4. They're a fabulous addition to my book Dot, I love them. The images are lovely, I've not seen them before and I love all the charms and shrink plastic.
    xxx Hazel.

  5. Ooh, I do love black and white and you made such a good job of these, Dot. Lovely, lovely work :-) x

  6. These are fabulous, Dot. I love the embossed/sanded backgrounds and the wolf embellie.