Saturday, 19 March 2011

Hubby's birthday

 Well it is Fred's birthday next week and here are the cards I have made for him. I can't decide whether to give him the Ostrich or the Meercats. They are off a Peerless designs CD, I just love them they are called cuddle up cards as they are designed to close so that they look as if they are together
 The one below, well it explains itself, from a My craft studio CD and they are called off the shelf cards. Fred used to play darts many moons ago and was a good player too
 This one below again speaks for itself and he does like his pint but only has one once a week now bless him. You will be asking why so many cards, well I always make one for our Daughter Kim and one for Simon but can't make my mind up which one I should give him LOL


  1. I like the Ostrich one best - maybe the bright colours. But all the cards are great. Those cuddle up ones - what a great idea.

  2. Love them all but my vote is with the ostrich card too, x

  3. ROFL - love the Ostrich one best Dot but they are all great men's cards.

  4. Brilliant cards Dot. I like the Ostrich one best, it brought a big smile to my face.
    xxx Hazel.

  5. That ostrich one tickles me pink Dot, it is such a cheeky card (the image is so cheeky). Have to say, along with the others in a way, it is my favourite but I would send him the darts one. Definitely not the beer one or it will make him want more than one night a week out LOL.

  6. Not sure if my comment came through or not.
    As I was saying lol, it is "Simples" (!!) the meercats get my vote.
    Lynne x