Thursday, 3 February 2011

Alex's card

Well this one is for my Great Nephew, he is 12 in a few days. I find the boys get harder to make for as they get older. He is a football freak but I do that every time and am sick of making football cards, so come up with this instead, see Tim's houses at the bottom, think these are great as you can use them for all sorts.
Hope he likes it


  1. I am sure he will Dot - reminds me of harry Potter with that owl.
    Would love an email (hint hint)

  2. I'm sure he'll love it Dot, its brill, x

  3. those houses are cool! hadn't seen them before. I know what you mean about making for boyz as our grandson is 16 now !

  4. This is great Dot and I'm sure he'll love it as it looks like shades of Harry Potter's owl.. Hedwig!!
    Love jo x

  5. I'm sure he'll love it, Dot - older boys are really difficult to make cards for but this is perfect.

    Helen x