Monday, 25 October 2010

G H and I

 Well here we go letter G Girl's ruin, love this stamp and had it ages but first time I have used it, thought it would fit in very nicely
 H is for Harmony can you imagine the racket they would be making if it was real,,,,,,,,,, Harmony not
Finally what can I say, it had to be a Indian for the letter I didn't it. Love this image he has such a rugged face, just like I would imagine them to look like. Hope you like my choice of stamps


  1. well, there's a mixed selection Dot. All lovely cards. Your indian has such character, the meeses are really cute and oh - if only I could wear shoes like that!

  2. great job as always ! love your mouse one - so cute.

  3. You've had fun with those Dot and they have worked out brill. Makes a change from the usual things for GHI. The G could be also for Glamour! Ah yes! I remember when I used to wear shoes so high!
    Jo x

  4. I agree with Jo on the high heels! Now my great granddaughters wear them! lol

    Dotpat that is a great selection. I love all of them, and your layout and coloring on each is very nice.

    Thanks for stopping at my blog!
    Hugs, Pat

  5. Brilliant pages Dot, the shoes took me back to when I wore shoes like that, no wonder my feet are such a mess now.
    xxx Hazel.

  6. Fab pages Dot. All so very different. Love your colouring.

  7. Where do you find these stamps? Love the G -girl - ab fab! I am lucky in that I have one you once made me with this Indian's face - fab colouring and hopefully you can teach me how to colour faces soon. Three great pieces of art.

  8. More fab pages Dot. Great range, all so very different xxxx