Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Love this stamp and took me ages to find it as it was discontinued, when I finally got it was mounted upside down,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Anyhow the oval in the middle was some scratch card as Cath calls it, I had tried colouring with those pens where you colour the stamp to see how it would look. Then of coarse had used it as scrap anyhow managed to salvage it and make a card out of it. Don't think it turned out too bad


  1. Lovely card Dot, and my favourite flower - poppies. My mil used to complain about all my wild poppies in the garden but I love 'em. Can't wait for my big ones to flower.
    The stamp looks lovely in that oval shape.

  2. Very elegant card, Dot - the stamp is beautiful and well worth the search!

    Helen x

  3. Love how you've done that Dot. I have that stamp too and its one of my favourites. Still can't get round to stamping, I think my MoJo went looking for yours and ain't come back yet. So far behind with cards and thank yous. Not like me, x

  4. I love poppies, and your card is beautiful!!

  5. Oh- I love it, so PRETTY! And elegant as well.