Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Card to me

Wanna laugh, hubby said he was going for a card for me, anyhow told him not to bother as the shops near us are rubbish. I said I will make one then i will get some thing I like. Love Micky mouse so I come up with this. Know I am passed my prime but does not stop you being young at heart and I am he he


  1. Very YOU, Dot and no, you're NOT past your prime :) You're at it, lol!!! Love what you've been doing lately, especially with all that's been going on!

  2. How strange Dot - yesterday we went shopping (BY BUS)and Chas said he had not got me a card yet - I told him I would make one for him to send to me. Love what you have done for hubby - and very you.