Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My first Christmas card for 2009

This is my first Christmas card for this year, it is not a Christmas stamp but thought it would look nice as a christmas card, the lady stamp is from stamattack, I would of uploaded sooner but been a bit off so am slow at the mo. Anyhow a lot better now so will get back to normal


  1. Really gorgeous. Love it. Thays a beautiful stamp, I haven't seen that before. Hope you are feeling better now.
    (I used to live on Beaconsfield Rd in H'Pool- huge house facing the sea on the Headland..had some wonderful times living there when I was a student. Bet its changed a lot in 28 years. Holds some very fond memories.)

  2. doh- I mean Street, Beaconsfield St.

  3. Blimey what a small world Jo, I used to collect insurance down there in the eighty's. We most likely passed each other in the street