Sunday, 1 February 2009

Messing about

Been playing today, cut a load of tags out on my bigshot. So decided to experiment. I got some of those transparency films in a sale, so thought would cut some tags out of those too, anyhow I sprayed the tag with glimmer mists then stamped on it. Stamped the Asian image ont the transparecy, which I am pleased to say turned out ok for a change i usually smudge them. Anyhow on the whole did not turn out too bad for a first time, although a little dark on the scan, thought I would share. Oh and the paper backing of the transparency came in very useful to hide the messy back of the tag


  1. VERY beautiful Dot and I am SO impressed at you setting up this blog!!
    BIG hugs to ya

  2. This is a gorgeous tag, Dot. One of my fave stamps and I love the curly corner.

  3. Beautiful tag, Dot, I love this stamp too! I don't actually own it, but I borrow it from Carol Q now and then.